Thomsit-Floor® Reinforcement Webbing

For stabilization and pressure distribution

  • High-quality glass fibre mesh
  • Slip-proof design
  • Can be easily and cleanly cut to size

Technical Data Sheet

Product Description

Special reinforcement webbing for reinforcing and stabilising Thomsit flooring systems, especially over T&G timber in conjunction with Thomsit SL 85 and Thomsit FA 97 smoothing and levelling compounds. Thomsit-Floor TF 300 improves the point loading ability of a flooring system e.g. in conjunction with Thomsit-Floor TF 303E Underlay and Thomsit FF 69 Flex-Finish. Thomsit-Floor TF 300 can assist in improving the tensile strength and the durability of some substrates when used in conjunction with Thomsit R 755 Epoxy Membrane.

Additional Information


1m x 50m